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Custom Pro Magic Kabuki Drop System



We are the designers and manufacturers of the Pro Magic Kabuki Drop System.

This is a handmade custom-machined professional manual curtain drop system that packs small, is lightweight, highly flexible and 100% dependable.

Best of all, the system is very low-cost – a fraction of the price of electronic systems!

If you are looking for an affordable professional Kabuki Drop system, this is the perfect solution!

The Pro Magic Kabuki Drop is a strap-on system for medium to large curtain drops (full theatre proscenium) and is secured on flying bars, lighting truss or almost any horizontal support structure. The system is manually activated with a pull cord.

Details & specs for the system can be viewed at: Single Pro Magic Kabuki Drop System

Watch the info video below:

While we offer standard lengths for both our SINGLE & DOUBLE Pro Magic Kabuki Drop System, we understand that you might require a custom length or set-up.

Details & specs for the standard system can be viewed at: Single Pro Magic Kabuki Drop System

If our standard models do not fit your needs, please email us at info(a)magickabukidrop.com to outline your requirements and request for a consultant/ quote.



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