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Check out our original books and Pro Magic Kabuki Drop System as well as request for a free DIY Kabuki Drop Plan.

The Only Kabuki Drop Book You Need

If you are a theatre or stage practitioner looking to add a strong piece of stagecraft to your shows or performances, this Kabuki Drop book is a must-have.

The “Ultimate Kabuki Drop Resource” is the definitive reference on the Kabuki Drop. It is the only resource of its kind in the world on Kabuki Drops.

The book has been categorized in WorldCat, the world’s largest library catalogue which is used extensively by most libraries in the world. The book will also be available to book wholesalers worldwide who will in turn supply it to libraries.


Also detailed is a collection of six designs for simple manual curtain drop methods & designs that can be adapted to any theatrical performance or special event.

The systems explained include the “World’s Easiest” Drop, “The Peel” Drop, “The Pull” Drop, “Pin & Loop” Drop, “Pull Back” Drop and “Roll & Drop” Drop.

The book is beautifully printed in full colour and is available in 2 Formats:

•    Paperback Printed Book: US$34.90 + shipping
•    E-Book: US$24.90

You purchase the book at here.

Why Professional Kabuki Drop Systems Are So Expensive

If you have ever thought of including a Kabuki Drop for your show or event and done some research, you probably know that it is not a cheap investment, whether you buy or rent a system.

The benefits of buying a Kabuki Drop from a manufacturer is that you are investing in a professional system.

A professional system means it has been developed with expertise, research & development, prototyping, time and resources. You are generally guaranteed a better system than one you could build in a few days.

But, understandably, it comes with a higher price.

You will likely only buy a system if you are going to use the Kabuki Drop on a regular basis or have a venue that you would like to install the Kabuki Drop in as a permanent special effect fixture.

As always, the first step is to research what options are available to you. Professional systems can include manual and electronic Kabuki Drops.

Get some basic understanding of the different types of systems on the market and compare their pros & cons.

For example:

  • Some systems may be elaborate and can be controlled digitally through a DMX control board but require a long set-up time and are expensive.
  • Some systems are very basic but inexpensive.
  • Some systems may be lightweight and pack small while some systems require ATA cases to transport the equipment safely.
  • Some systems are very easy to set-up while some may require a bit more expertise and experience.
  • Be sure to select a system that suits your needs and not one that seems the most expensive or has the most features.


An alternative to an expensive Kabuki Drop system is to make your own DIY Kabuki Drop. You can also check out the Pro Magic Kabuki Drop System, a low-cost, light-weight and reliable Kabuki Drop system for stage and event practitioners.

It is a manual system so is a much smaller investment and is ideal for smaller venues, theatres, events and shows.

Check out details of the Pro Magic Kabuki Drop System at


Learn How to Make Your Own Kabuki Drop

You can now learn how to make your own kabuki drop with our free Kabuki Drop building plan entitled “How to Make a $50 Kabuki Drop”.


The simple manual curtain drop system can be made easily without a professional workshop or precision machining although you will need to cut, drill, saw and sew items that are readily available at good hardware stores.

This is an excellent solution if you are looking for an inexpensive and dependable curtain drop system that you can build yourself.

The free download comes with detailed instructions, measurements, drawings and materials list.

Fill in the form below to request for the FREE Kabuki Drop plan.

The Ultimate Business Book for Entertainers & Performers

“The Showbiz Master Plan” is the most all-encompassing business book written for entertainers & performers including musicians, comedians and variety entertainers.

One of the biggest challenges that creative artists face is fully tapping the commercial potential of their skills and expertise. Maximizing earnings is often elusive for many performing artists & entertainers, regardless of the level of the act.

Have you ever felt:

  • You should be charging more for your shows but either feel you can’t or are afraid to
  • You are losing gigs to competitors who are charging less than you
  • You have the talent and have worked incredibly hard at your art but are not getting that lucky break
  • You are not getting the recognition you deserve as a performing artist
  • You need greater financial stability and security, especially for your future
  • You have a fan following but are not making big money
  • Your career has stagnated and has not progressed in the last few years
  • You are not getting consistent bookings

If the above thoughts are on your mind, you are not alone. Many talented new and seasoned performing artists & entertainers around the world feel exactly the same way.

The Showbiz Master Plan Cover


The goal of any entertainer is to bring joy to people but most will agree that making money is also important. While the notion of a struggling artist is a common perception of the realities of show business, it does not have to be the case.

The truth is; while there are many entertainers who barely make ends meet each month, there are also many entertainers around the world who make a decent living from their art or craft.

In fact, there are also many entertainers around the world who are very successful and financially comfortable. These highly successful entertainers may not be A-list international celebrities, movie stars or recording artists, but are giants in their respective specialized fields or cities/ countries.

One thing many of these entertainers have in common is the strategy and approach to their business and careers. They all understand that show business is not just about the show but also about the business.

Headline Entertainer, J C Sum (, has spent the past 23 years (and counting) performing around the world and currently works as a headline entertainer primarily in Asia as well as Europe and the Middle East. J C has starred in his own network television series and made multiple international TV appearances. More than 120 million people have seen his magic live and on TV in 26 countries.

J C has written down everything he has learnt and practiced in the past two decades that has made him one of the very elite illusionists in Asia. “The Showbiz Master Plan” is a live entertainer’s blueprint to creating a money-generating brand, making a consistent 6-figure income and setting up for retirement.

This book is filled with incredible stories, practical advice, time-tested tips and market-proven action-steps on how to build a successful career as a performing artist and live entertainer.

With “The Showbiz Master Plan”, learn how to:

  • Be a Successful Creative Entrepreneur
  • Build Your Brand
  • Dominate Your Niche Market
  • Harness the Power of Positioning
  • Price & Negotiate Big Money Shows
  • Find Your Big Break
  • Grow Your Business
  • Get Paid Without Performing
  • Invest for Your Future
  • Handle Career Challenges and Failure

This book was written to benefit all types of entertainers such as Aerialists, Balloon Artistes, Bands, Circus Acts, Comedians, Contortionists, Dancers, Escape Artists, Face Painters, Hypnotists, Illusionists, Impersonators, Instrumentalists, Jugglers, Magicians, Mime Artists, Musicians, Singers, Variety Artists, Ventriloquists & Vocalists.

6” x 9”. 55,000 words. 229 pages.

The book is available in two formats:

  • eBOOK (PDF): US$39.90
  • Print Book for US$49.90 + shipping.

Read the reviews and order the book from our shop HERE.