Double Kabuki Drop System

As the name implies, the Double Kabuki Drop features two drop activation sequences. The curtain first starts off gathered or rolled up and is held in place at the top of the stage proscenium (on the flying bars).

Activating the curtain drop the first time will open up the curtain so that it covers the stage. Activating the curtain drop a second time will drop the curtain to the floor revealing what is on stage.

A Double Kabuki Drop can be activated either manually or electronically. Any system of drop points can be adapted as a double drop.

The underlying method for any double curtain drop is the need for two sets of drop points. There also needs to be an extra cloth “hammock” that will hold the curtain gathered up in place at the start.

The cloth “hammock” acts as a basket for the curtain. One long edge of the cloth “hammock” is permanently secured to the flying bar or Kabuki system support bar/ backboard (if there is one). The other long edge of the cloth “hammock” is attached to the additional drop points of the Double Kabuki Drop units.

Double Kabuki Drop System

Image Credit: Magic Kabuki Drop

Double Kabuki Drop Set-up

Alternative Set-up for the Double Kabuki Drop on the Same Flying Bar
Image Credit: Electro Kabuki

The first drop releases the cloth “hammock” so that it falls open and allows the curtain to drop open.

The second drop releases the curtain to fall to the floor.

Instead of a cloth “hammock”, you can also use multiple straps or even wire cables to hold up the gathered/ rolled up curtain. If the curtain is very long (height), you may need to mount the Double Kabuki Drop points on another flying bar so that the cloth “hammock” forms a large “basket”


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