FAQ on Pro Magic Kabuki Drop System

Here are frequently asked questions on Pro Magic Kabuki Drop System:

Is the Pro Magic Kabuki Drop System an electronic system?

No, it is a manual system which means it will require someone to manually trigger the drop via a pull rope that is supplied.

This is the main reason that it is relatively low-cost, extremely lightweight and very reliable.

Do you provide the horizontal support bar with the Pro Magic Magic Kabuki Drop System?

No, like any Kabuki Drop system (whether electronic or manual), the Pro Magic Kabuki Drop System is mounted on a horizontal support bar support like a theatre flying bar, lighting bar or lighting truss.

For smaller curtains that are less wide, a portable lighting stand or truss can also be used.

What are the differences in the Single, Double & All-round systems?

A Single Drop means the curtain starts off opened up covering the stage, product or revelation area/ object. When the system is triggered, the curtain drops to the ground to reveal what is behind it.

A Double Drop means the curtain starts off rolled up at the top of the horizontal support bar. When the system is first triggered, the curtain unrolls so that it opens up and covers the area behind it. The second time the system is triggered, the curtain drops to the ground to reveal what is behind it.

An All-Round system means the curtain forms an enclosure around an area. You will need an all-round horizontal support structure (such as a box truss lighting set-up) to mount the Pro Magic Kabuki Drop system.

The All-Round system is available as a Single or Double Drop. There are no standard sizes for an all-round drop and each order has to be custom-made.

Is it possible to custom-make a Pro Magic Kabuki Drop for a specific length?

Yes, custom orders are possible. Please email info(a)illusionbookstore.com for a quote.

How long does it take to make and ship the Pro Magic Kabuki Drop System?

Each Pro Magic Kabuki Drop System is custom-made and requires 10 working days to complete.

It then takes 9 – 14 days to ship, depending on the country.

Rush orders can be fulfilled at an additional 20% of the retail price.

Orders can also be shipped via FedEx which takes 2 days, at an additional cost.

For questions and a quotation for custom sizes or expedited shipping, please email info(a)illusionbookstore.com

Do you provide the curtain with the Pro Magic Kabuki Drop System?

No, as there are too many variables when it comes to choosing the exact type of fabric to be used, it is best if customers make their own curtain. A length of Velcro has to be sewn to the entire top back edge of the curtain which is then attached to the Pro Magic Kabuki Drop System.

The length of the Pro Magic Kabuki Drop System is equal to the width of the curtain you intend to drop. The height of your curtain does not factor in.

Not providing the curtain also ensures that the shipping costs are kept at a lower cost.

Recommendations for the Curtain

The Pro Magic Kabuki Drop System does not come with the curtain you intend to drop as it would be much more cost effective to have the curtain made locally to avoid expensive shipping costs.

However, here are some considerations when choosing to make your own curtain:

MATERIAL. Any material will work for a curtain drop but the lighter the material, the prettier the drop will be. Very stiff material canvas will not make for a very aesthetic-looking drop.

SIZE. The width of your curtain will match the width of the Kabuki Drop system you ordered but you need to work out the height of your curtain based on the object/ area it is covering and the height of your support system.

OPAQUENESS. If the objective is to hide something behind the curtain, ensure the material you choose is opaque. Hold the material up against the light to see how “translucent” it gets. It also depends if you have a light source behind the curtain. If there is no light source, then this is not such a big deal.

CREASES. If creases are an issue, ask a fabric store for material that will not crease easily. Alternatively, you can use a steamer to steam out the creases.

COLOUR. Does the curtain have to be a specific colour to match decorations, fit in a theme or reflect corporate colours?

WEIGHT. The Pro Magic Kabuki Drop system can take a lot of weight so the weight of the curtain will not affect our system. However, a heavier curtain will fold up bigger and is harder to transport around because of weight and size. For example, thick velour or velvet can be very heavy and bulky to bring around.