Pro Magic Kabuki Drop System

We are the designers and manufacturers of the Pro Magic Kabuki Drop System.

This is a handmade custom-machined professional manual curtain drop system that packs small, is lightweight, highly flexible and 100% dependable.

Best of all, the system is very low-cost – a fraction of the price of electronic systems!


If you are looking for an affordable professional Kabuki Drop system, this is the perfect solution!

The Pro Magic Kabuki Drop is a strap-on system for medium to large curtain drops (full theatre proscenium) and is secured on flying bars, lighting truss or almost any horizontal support structure.

Check out these amazing features:

Easy to Use

The original ingenious design of system makes it extremely easy to set-up and can be configured for virtually any venue.

The system comes with full instructions and photographs and you do not need any rigging or stage production knowledge to set up the system and use it.

The system is manually activated with a pull cord by one person.

If you can wear a belt and tie shoelaces, you can set up this Kabuki drop system.

Lightweight, Compact & Durable

It is extremely lightweight, packs small and is ideal for touring shows.

A 24ft wide Single Drop Pro Magic Kabuki Drop System (without curtain) packs into the case pictured above and weighs less than 1kg.

System in Case

(Case is shown for illustration purposes and is not included in the system)

Fast Set-up/ Tear-Down Time

Set-up time is very short. The smart design eliminates the need for trial & error, precise measurements and calculations or multiple readjustments when setting up.

First-time installation will take only 15 minutes*! Subsequent set-ups will take less than 7 minutes. Reset will take less than 5 minutes*!

* For a 24ft wide single drop on a standard theatre flying bar.

Tearing down the system is even easier and quicker as this system was designed for touring shows.

Silent & Dependable

This system is extremely silent and is perfect for performances that do not want a loud buzz or click when the curtain drop is activated to distract the show.

The Pro Magic Kabuki Drop System is also 100% fail-safe if the system is set up correctly.

Low Cost

An electronic Kabuki System can be expensive and requires a power supply.

This is an inexpensive professional alternative that costs less than 1/5 the price of an electronic Kabuki system.

Self-Contained System

EVERYTHING you need is provided EXCEPT the curtain that you intend to drop.

Best of all, you do not need to attach grommets to your curtain as we provide a heavy-duty drop-point header that has an industrial-strength Velcro attachment. Simply sew the corresponding Velcro strip (that we provide) to the curtain of your choice and you will be ready to go.


The Pro Magic Kabuki Drop System is available as a SINGLE or DOUBLE kabuki drop in a variety of lengths.

A SINGLE kabuki drop means the curtain will already be opened up in place and covering the stage. Activating the curtain drop will drop the curtain to the floor revealing what is on stage.

A DOUBLE kabuki drop means the curtain starts off rolled up and is held in place at the top of the stage proscenium (on the flying bars). Activating the curtain drop will open up the curtain so that it covers the stage. Activating the curtain drop a second time will drop the curtain to the floor revealing what is on stage.


The Pro Magic Kabuki Drop System is also available as an all-round curtain drop. This means the curtain can surround an area to form a square or rectangular enclosure. When needed, the curtain can drop as one unit to reveal the area.

This is perfect to reveal objects, set pieces, installations, products or people when in the round.


The highly flexible system was designed for:

  • Theatre Productions
  • Concerts
  • Stage Shows
  • Performing Artistes’ Acts
  • Corporate & Special Events
  • Product Reveals and Launches

Here are just some examples of how the Pro Magic Kabuki Drop System can be used:

  • Dropping a Curtain Covering a Stage Proscenium to Reveal a Stage Set, Performers or a Band
  • Unrolling a Curtain to Cover a Stage Proscenium and then Dropping it to Reveal the Theatrical Magical Appearance of a Cast of Performers
  • Dropping a Curtain from a Goalpost Truss to Reveal a Product
  • Dropping a Curtain from a “Pipe & Drape” Support System to Reveal an Installation or Set Piece
  • Dropping a Curtain from a Ceiling Rig to Reveal an Event Space
  • Dropping a Curtain from a Goalpost Truss to Reveal a Shop Front for a Retail Opening

Watch the info video below:


The Pro Magic Kabuki Drop System has been designed from scratch and is professionally made with high quality malleable nylon webbing and custom-machined stainless steel components.

The system (both SINGLE & DOUBLE drops) is available in the following lengths* with the corresponding number of Drop Point Units provided:

Single Drop SystemDouble Drop System
Length*No of UnitsPrice (USD)No of UnitsPrice (USD)
12ft5 Units$2759 Units$445
18ft7 Units$36013 Units$630
24ft9 Units$43017 Units$795
30ft11 Units$51021 Units$950
36ft13 Units$59025 Units$1,110
42ft15 Units$66029 Units$1,265

* The length of the Pro Magic Kabuki Drop System is equal to the width of the curtain you intend to drop. The height of your curtain does not factor in.

The system includes everything you need for the Kabuki drop EXCEPT the curtain you intend to drop:

  • Drop Point Units & Attachments
  • Drop Point Header & Attachments
  • Pull Cord & Attachments
  • Pulley
  • Detailed Instructional Manual



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